About Dr. Ardeshir Raghian

About Dr. Ardeshir Raghian | Periodontist in Winnetka, IL 60093

Dr. Raghian is a general dentist in Winnetka, IL, and is well known and respected by his colleagues for his continual drive to introduce new technologies into his practice and never accept the status quo. Dr. Raghian’s unique background and training in applying braces, Invisalign® and dental implants allows him to offer many services in one location as well as evaluating his patient’s dental needs with a more comprehensive vision. Dr. Raghian enjoys the challenges of comprehensive dentistry through skilled assessments of each individual patient and offering a plan to meet their specific needs.

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Above all, Dr. Raghian loves achieving the planned results of his treatment recommendations. “Patients are healthier, often look better and can have a sense of security and confidence because of what I do,” says Dr. Raghian “I am here to listen and treat one patient at a time!

Caring for Patients for Over 15 Years

  • Over 15 years experience as a multi-specialty dentist offering implants, braces, and general dentistry
  • Graduated UCLA School of dentistry in 1996
  • Ongoing continuing education in the latest techniques of minimally invasive dentistry

Dr. Raghian resides in Glenview with his wife and two children and loves reading and relaxing.