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A Long-Term Investment in Your Health

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Dental Implants as Unique as You Are

Choosing dental implants is one of the best options for replacing missing teeth. Implants imitate all the functions of a natural tooth, including providing tooth root stimulation and a strong, stable bite. When deciding on dental implants, you should consider them a long-term investment in your oral and overall health. When compared to dentures or dental bridges, implants often provide more benefits and are cheaper over the course of a lifetime, because they typically do not need to be replaced.

Each implant case is as unique as you are, meaning that there are many factors which go into determining your exact procedure and the overall dental implant cost. The best way to get an estimate on your dental implant case is to schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Ardeshir “Eddy” Raghian. During this consultation we will examine your oral health and identify all areas of concern. Once your mouth is in the ideal condition for implants, we can begin the surgery process.

Factors that Determine Implant Cost

Winnetka Dental Care Implant Special

For patients seeking dental implants, we are currently running a special offer. Starting at $2,994, patients can receive a single implant AND dental crown, along with these additional Winnetka Dental Care benefits:

  • Natural look and feel
  • Affordable financing available
  • Surgery performed by a board-certified periodontist
  • Placement and restoration by the same doctor

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