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Innovative Gum Disease Treatment without the Discomfort

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LANAP® Treatment for an Improved Patient Experience

Treatment for periodontal concerns has gotten easier, quicker and gentler with advancements in technology. At Winnetka Dental Care, we have invested in the state-of-the-art LANAP® dental laser for more effective and minimally invasive dentistry. LANAP uses gentle laser light to eliminate gum disease without the need for scalpels or sutures, which minimizes bleeding. Patients benefit from nearly instant results with minimal discomfort when compared to traditional gum therapy.

Our laser is effective at eliminating diseased soft tissues and promoting regrowth and reattachment of healthy gums to your teeth. LANAP also boasts True Regeneration™ of bone in the jaw. When periodontal disease has caused jaw bone deterioration, our LANAP treatment is able to stimulate the bone to encourage regeneration without the need for bone grafts. This gives our patients a quicker and gentler overall periodontal treatment.

Experienced Laser Care

Dr. Ardeshir “Eddy” Raghian is a board-certified periodontist with over 15 years of experience in the treatment of gum disease and dentistry. Dr. Raghian is LANAP certified and can also use our dental laser for LAPIP™ treatment if gum disease has affected a dental implant. We focus on providing our patients with the least invasive treatment we can, and LANAP allows us to provide effective care without the fear or discomfort.

LANAP Advantages

  • Less discomfort and sensitivity
  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Little downtime with instant results
  • Increased regeneration of hard and soft tissue
  • Less swelling and loss of tissue

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