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Extract Failing Teeth to Prepare for Implants

At Winnetka Dental Care, we will always do whatever we can to save your natural teeth. However, when a tooth cannot be treated or saved, we offer gentle tooth extraction to remove problem teeth. The longer a diseased or damaged tooth is left untreated, the greater the chance of a more serious condition developing. Once a tooth has been removed, we recommend replacing it with a dental implant due to their numerous benefits and natural appearance.

We offer tooth extraction for a variety of dental concerns, including:


Retained Baby Teeth

If a child does not loose their baby teeth naturally, they may block or damage permanent teeth as they grow in. Gentle extraction of these teeth helps for proper permanent tooth growth.



A tooth that is severely damaged or broken may cause constant tooth pain. Extraction of hopeless teeth gives instant relief of pain and prevents further damage to the jaw or surrounding teeth.


Periodontal (Gum) Disease

If gum disease is left untreated, bacteria can destroy the tooth structure and the jaw bone that holds the tooth in place. Extraction of teeth infected by disease will help treat gum disease and prevent a spread of infection.


Dental Implants

If you are in need of dental implants for a failing tooth, we will have to extract the tooth in order to make space for an implant. Dental implants look and function like a natural, healthy tooth.

Socket Preservation

After a tooth is extracted, it leaves behind an empty socket where the tooth roots once were. We offer effective socket preservation through bone grafting. Socket preservation adds bone to this empty socket to restore the proper volume and even out the jaw. Once the bone graft has healed and fused to the surrounding jaw bone, dental implants will be able to be placed to replace the extracted tooth.

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Laser Treatment Can Save Teeth

Dr. Ardeshir “Eddy” Raghian believes in saving teeth first and foremost. If you are experiencing severe gum disease and are at risk of loosing your teeth due to bone loss and infection, our state-of-the-art LANAP® laser treatment may be able to save your teeth and jaw. LANAP uses laser energy to eliminate infection and bacteria without the need of scalpels or sutures. The technology is also proven to regenerate bone in the jaw, which can help save your teeth.

Problem teeth? Let us take care of them.

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